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Logic Board repair as last resort to

save your iPhone, iPad or Mac

or to save other devices with a defective motherboard



Boardrepair.eu is a network of European micro soldering specialists who are experienced in repairing motherboards of devices such as iPhones, iPads, iMacs and other electronic devices.

The specialists linked to this label guarantee excellent service levels and durable motherboard repairs.

Because we’re linked to colleagues all over the world, we’re always up to date on the latest problems and we acquire the required knowledge fast to be able to solve the problem.

Boardrepair.eu is a European micro soldering group that is professionally active in various European countries and that perform repairs for both individuals and b2b.

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By using a user manual from, for example, iFixit, people are able to repair many hardware and software related problems themselves. 

Yet there are many common problems that ordinary people can’t repair themselves. 


When people have tried everything with no luck, they usually end up at a motherboard specialist or a repair service that offers motherboard repair services for smartphones, tablets, or other electronic gadget, such as smart watches, drones, Go Pro and Playstations.
What are common motherboard problems?

iPhone is undoubtedly the most sold product ever and is therefore also a product that is not only repaired by companies, but also by DIY’ers.
Below we’ve listed the most common Apple motherboard problems.

  • My iPhone is stuck on ‘searching/No Service ..’

  • My iPhone, iPad or iMac displays no image after a screen replacement. 

  • My iPhone doesn’t respond to touch and there are grey bars visible on the screen.

  • My iPhone displays error messages in iTunes, such as error 9, 21, 40, 4013 or 4014.

  • My iPhone, iPad or MacBook does not charge.

  • The battery of my iPhone drains too fast, even after replacing the battery. 

  • My iPhone, iPad or iMac is defective and does not work after water damage.

  • My iPhone doesn’t work after it was dropped.

  • My iPhone overheats. 

  • My iPhone has no or a bad Wi-Fi connection.

  • My iPhone 7 touch ID doesn’t work after a screen repair.

  • My iPhone 7 is stuck on the Apple logo.

  • My iPhone 7 does not boot or boots very slowly.

  • My iPad has a broken FPC connector.

  • I can’t activate my iPhone after a restore.

  • iPhone displays errors in iTunes.

But not just iPhones, iPads and iMacs suffer from motherboard problems. Samsung Galaxy models or tablets are known to suffer from booting or charging problems as well.

Samsung devices and other Android or laptop devices, often have a faulty USB port or charging port that has to be soldered to solve the problem. Of course, the problem can also be caused by defective components or chips.

Other known problems with motherboards are the HDMI ports of Playstations that break easily.

A common problem for drones is a broken gimbal after a crash. 

iPhone 6 with the common network problem


+ The biggest advantage is that repairing is often much cheaper than buying a new device/motherboard.
+ Motherboard specialists often offer a lifelong guarantee for the work carried out during the repair.
+ You usually keep your own data. There’s no hassle related to altered configurations and there’s no need to transfer your photos, music, etc.

+ Generally speaking, repair is not just an economical solution, but also the most ecological option. In many ways it’s better to repair your motherboard than to recycle your iPhone.

Are there any drawbacks to motherboard repairs? YES!

- There are incompetent repairers out there who manage to turn perfectly recoverable motherboards into irreparable boards, hence the need for this website. This website is a link to experienced specialists who specifically have the intention to provide quality and service.

- A motherboard is the heart of your electronic device. When there’s a motherboard defect, a repair to the motherboard is your last chance to get your device back fully functional.
Although we strive for a 100% success rate, it’s not always possible to get the device back to a fully functional state.


To tackle this issue we have a 'No Cure - No Pay' policy. 

This policy means that if your motherboard isn’t successfully restored, you don’t have to pay a thing. We furthermore can’t guarantee that we’ll return a device in the same condition after a motherboard repair.

Tip: Always check and verify the service of a shop or the motherboard specialist.

What are the prices for motherboard repairs?


For known problems a fixed price is generally used. As a result, you can usually ask your motherboard specialist for the price upfront.  
When it concerns an unknown problem, the price depends on the complexity level and the age of the device.


Prices usually vary from 30 to 160 EUR including VAT.
Shipping costs may or may not be included.


In case of unknown problems or data recovery, the costs can be higher. For more information, you can request a price indication from your motherboard specialist.

Questions and Answers

Is there a diagnostic fee for motherboard repairs? 

Some specialists offer free diagnostic tests, others charge a fixed amount. There are also specialists who charge a fee for diagnostic tests if the diagnostic test takes more than a predetermined amount of time. 

Diagnostic tests for unknown motherboard problems often take a lot of time. It’s thus reasonable to be asked to pay a fee.  

If a diagnostic fee is charged for a motherboard repair, it’s usually charged after the work has been completed. 

It’s best to request more information about the diagnostic fees beforehand from your motherboard specialist.

Why is the price charged by other specialists for the same type of repair considerable lower? 


You’ll come across a lot of low prices. Golden rule, beware!

Anyone can call themselves a motherboard repairer or specialist, no legal training or recognition is required.
You should know that repairing a motherboard is intensive precision work performed under a microscope. 
The reason why the prices of some are sometimes very low compared to the prices of others is that chips are, for example, reflowed. This means that the chips are quickly heated up for a short amount of time. This can temporarily solve the problem, but the problem can resurface after just a few days or weeks. This is very unfortunate. Not only does this damage the reputation of the motherboard specialists, you will ultimately also have to spend more than you initially had to. 

Professionals do not reflow, but take their time to skillfully remove the chip and reball or replace it. Motherboard specialists linked to our label carry out their work carefully and provide excellent service. This includes after-sale service. 

Recognized professionals linked to our label, strive for sustainable and high quality motherboard repairs.


Isn’t it better to buy a new device instead of having the motherboard repaired?

If the repair is carried out correctly, the problem will, under normal circumstances, never resurface, unless otherwise caused by improper use of the iPhone, iPad or iMac. Motherboard repair to your iPhone, iPad or Mac is beneficial, because it’s much cheaper than purchasing a new device. Just like a car can function perfectly again after a repair, the motherboard of your device can be perfectly restored.

How long does it take to repair a motherboard?

The duration depends on various factors, such as the shop you’ve chosen, how busy it is and the complexity level of your problem.

For a simple motherboard repair, the repair time alone, is approximately 30 minutes. 

Complex repairs can take several hours.

For data recovery and unknown problems, the repair can take a few days to a few weeks.

Contact your motherboard specialist or the motherboard repair shop for repair times. 

Do you have a question? Feel free to send an email to Boardrepair.eu@gmail.com

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